Social Secs: 15 Best Themes For Your Socials

1. Jungle Juice

Jungle Juice is a great theme that social secs should call upon to get everyone together. It combines various alcohols, juices, sodas, and fruits, creating a flavorful and versatile concoction. Named for its wild mix, Jungle Juice will guarantee a quality night filled with plenty of funny moments and an all-round good communal atmosphere, allowing conversations and laughter to flow. It’s also a good idea to pari this with a Hawaiian theme, so make sure everyone is rocking their most tropical outfits. It helps to implements some rules before hand e.g no dark coloured mixers or juice with bits. Whilst this is a fun one, you’ve got to be beware of how truly potent this concoction can be – it’ll catch you off guard. 

2.Kangaroo court

Kangaroo Court is a light-hearted and entertaining mock trial game. It playfully mimics a legal proceeding, with participants assuming roles of “accused,” “prosecutors,” and a designated “judge.” 

During the game, prosecutors take turns inventing amusing and fanciful charges, drawing from inside jokes, fictional scenarios, or playful anecdotes. The accused responds with a defense, often employing wit, humor, and imaginative storytelling. Both sides may introduce fictitious testimonies, fabricated evidence, and whimsical witnesses to bolster their arguments.

The judge, acting as the source of amusement, listens to the comical arguments and delivers a verdict of “guilty” or “not guilty” for each charge. These judgments are based on entertainment value rather than legal principles. Upon a guilty verdict, the judge administers light-hearted and creative “punishments,” ranging from humorous tasks to wearing funny costumes or performing entertaining acts.

Kangaroo Court maintains a cheerful and good-natured atmosphere, making it a delightful activity. Participants should ensure the humor remains respectful and inclusive, focusing on shared jokes and harmless fun. The game can be customized to fit specific themes, events, or group dynamics, allowing participants to explore roles like “defense attorneys,” “witnesses,” or “jury members.”

In essence, Kangaroo Court offers a unique and imaginative way to generate joy, build camaraderie, and commemorate collective experiences. Through its blend of playful improvisation and creative storytelling, this mock trial game creates enduring memories and strengthens social bonds while eliciting laughter and enjoyment.

3.Amy 'Wine'-hands

You have to be careful with this one, but it’s an old classic. 

Designate the beverage that’s going to be drunk for the evening and ask all members to buy two. 

These drinks will be taped to either hand. The drinks will have to be finished before they can use their hands again. 

4. Dress As The Last Person You Got With

Now this social is a risky one, especially if you know you’re going to bump into them later on, but it will also provide some of that classic comedy gold content that every social should have. Be prepared for some exceptionally cringe conversations and all the laughs that come with it as you watch that one friend awkwardly explain why they’re dressed up as last weeks get with. 

5. Pub Golf

Who doesn’t want to slap on some visors and smart golf gear and hit the town for an alcohol fuelled night of fun and chaos (the funny kind). Pub golf is perfect for large groups of people. 

The best way is to split people into teams of however many depending on the size of the group and hand out score cards. Each team will be competing to finish their drinks in the least amount of sips, just like golf, duh. There will be a preplanned route of however many Pubs/Bars you wish to complete (9 is the usual) and a different drink for each sport. However, be careful as its of the case that most players will tap out way before the 9th. 


6. White Lies

This is a great social idea. Usually by now you should have had time to get to know everybody and chances are you know about some of their funny secrets or stories. This is the perfect chance to make have a little fun with it, but don’t get carried away, we don’t it to end in tears. 

All you need is plain white t shirt and some black pens to write down the lies. 

7. Any Sort of Fancy Dress Theme Where Freshers Get The Short Straw.

Now this is just one of those traditions that seems to have existed longer than time itself. It’s custom to welcome new members to a social by making them draw the short straw and wear something completely ridiculous whilst the older members get a wayyy better deal. In all honestly though, it’s not a terrible tradition. It’s makes for a funny and lighthearted evening for everyone own the night.

One good example of this is ‘Families’. Everyone is subdivided into a so-called ‘family, each with grandparents, parents and babies. Usually, depending on how long you have been a member this will indicate your role within your family. 

The member with longest duration at the club will dress as a grandparent and so on. Fresher will, unfortunately for them, end up looking alike baby for the night. Although, you won’t be the only who’s looking odd, especially when the 21 yearly third year comes dressed as your grandad.

8. Handymen

Chuck on some high-vis and a pair of boots, we’re going down the boozer.

This social theme is brilliant. It’s an easy outfit to put together and in all fairness it’s one of the least embarrassing ones we’ve seen. 

The plus side is that you’ll never lose you pals in and amongst the darkness of the club. You are sure to stand out from the crowd.

9. Toga

Chances are you’ve heard of this one or maybe you’ve even done it.

For this one you’re going to need your finest Greco-Roman inspired robes and maybe even some cool props because were going back in time – some bed sheets will do though. 

Toga parties are something of a university cliché but they are a laugh. Everyone comes dressed, more or less, in the same thing and you all look equally as ridiculous as the next person, but as a warning, try not to do this one near the colder months of the calendar. 


10. Dress as Your Degree/Sport

This social idea is super easy. Stick a lab coat if you do sciences  or a wig and gown if you’re a Lawyer. It’s perfect for large groups and is a great chance for everyone to introduce themselves without having to answer the same old question 101 times – “so…what degree do you do?”.

11. Dynamic Duos

You can’t really go wrong with this one. There’s so many to pick from so get creative with a friend and steal the show. Think, cops and robbers, Batman and Robin. You know, that kinda thing.  

12. Hawaiian

Get ready to put on your jazziest shirt or dress and hit the town looking like you’ve just stepped out of the 80s. 

This is the perfect summer social to get your teeth into. Grab a big bucket and some ice for the drinks and make sure there’s plenty to go around. Make it a summer to remember. 

13. Noah's Ark

This one can get a bit WILD – pardon the pun.  

Split everyone up into pairs and assign each pair an animal. Now just sit back and watch as the pairs turn up. Add a few funny ones just to keep it interesting.

14. Collaborations: Team Up With Another Club or Group

You can take this one anywhere. Make them dress as the opposite group, handcuff one of each group together for the night or just keep it simple. Either way this is a good way for social secs to keep their socials engaging and exciting and allows people to make new connections. 

15. Movies/TV Series

Pick a well-known movie or TV Series and let everyone else do the rest. This one allows a bit of creativity and is chance for funny and interesting costumes.

Disclaimer: This list has been put together purely for academic reasons. We accept no responsibility for the decisions you make yourself.

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