10 Ideas For Decorating You Uni Room?

When it comes to living at university you will find that the rooms can be a little boring. More often than not, they lack warmth or that special personal touch that makes it truly yours. It will become a sanctuary where you study, relax, and create lasting memories with friends. So why not decorate your room a little to help settle you in and feel right at home in your new room. 


So you want to know the best ways to decorate your uni oom? 


Read These Top 10 Ideas on How to Decorate You Uni Room.

How to Decorate Your Uni Room:

1. Start with Bedding and Linens:


The bed is the focal point when it comes to decorating your university room, trust me on this one, so investing in comfortable and stylish bedding is essential. Make sure you get big enough sheets, blankets, and a thick duvet for those cold nights. Also be mindful of the size of the beds. Often they’ll be a single, so make sure you get covers that fit. Choose colors and patterns that reflect your personality while ensuring they blend harmoniously with your overall room theme. You don’t want to be giving yourself a headache so choose your colour scheme carefully.  Make sure to add decorative throw pillows and a cozy blanket to make your bed a welcoming oasis after those long study sessions or even when it comes to those brutal hangovers.


2. Wall Art

Blank walls offer a perfect canvas to express yourself. Embrace your creativity and add wall art that inspires and motivates you. Posters, prints, flags and tapestries are popular choices, covering a range of interests from art and movies to quotes and travel destinations. Or maybe even create a unique gallery wall with framed photos of friends and family, showcasing cherished memories that make your room feel homier. The best way to do this is take photos using a Polaroid and make collage on your wall. Adding something like this to your room is a very good way on making it a personal and warm space whilst also having character and sentiment.


3. Lights

Fairy lights or string lights are an easy and affordable way to add warmth and ambiance to your university room. String them around your bed frame, along your desk, or drape them across the walls. The soft glow of fairy lights creates a cozy atmosphere and serves as a gentle night light.I If fairy lights aren’t your thing then maybe try colour changing LED strip lights that you can place around the bottom or the top your walls to fill your room with whatever colour you want.


3. Add A Rug

Many university rooms have tile or linoleum flooring, which can feel cold underfoot. Warm up your space and add visual interest with a colorful or patterned area rug. Choose a rug that complements your bedding and overall decor theme.

4. Desk Accessories


Create a functional and clutter-free study area by investing in desk organizers, pencil holders, and a bulletin board. Keep your study essentials within reach and maintain a clean workspace to enhance focus and productivity. I would also advise a pin board where you can pin your timetable and map out things you need to do or even use it to help with revision. 

5.Embrace The Greenery

Bringing in some indoor plants or succulents not only adds a touch of nature to your room but also improves air quality. Select low-maintenance plants that thrive indoors, such as pothos or snake plants. Caring for your plants can also be a therapeutic and enjoyable activity.

6. Wall Decals and Stickers

If you’re looking for a temporary and non-damaging way to add artistic flair to your walls, consider using removable wall decals or stickers. Choose from a variety of designs, patterns, and quotes that align with your style and personality. 

7. Storage Solutions

When it comes to decorating your Uni room, your first thought might not be storage. However, with limited space in university rooms, staying organised is crucial. Invest in functional storage solutions like under-bed storage boxes, shelves, and drawer organisers to keep your room tidy and clutter-free. Also make sure to take advantage of vertical space with wall-mounted shelves and hooks for additional storage. These will for sure come in clutch as uni rooms don’t often provide these.

8. Display Postcards and Souvenirs

For decorating your Uni room, this one is perfect. Show off and display postcards and souvenirs from travels, and memorabilia from memorable experiences. This personal touch will remind you of cherished memories and inspire you daily.

Here are some ideas

  • Postcards from holidays/museums

  • Festival wrist bands

  • Posters etc

  • Signs

  • Stickers

  • Cutouts (Newspapers, books etc)

9.Consider Mirrors

If you are decorating your Uni room properly you must have a mirror. Mirrors not only serve a functional purpose but also make your room feel more spacious. Place a full-length mirror or smaller decorative mirrors strategically to add dimension and light to your space. Not only this but they will help when it comes to getting ready in the mornings or the evenings.

10. Enhance Comfort with Accent Pillows and Throws:

Elevate the comfort level of your bed or couch with accent pillows and cozy throws. Choose pillows with patterns or textures that complement your room’s theme and color palette.


 Decorating your university room is an opportunity to create a personal and inviting space where you can thrive academically and socially. By incorporating elements that reflect your personality and interests, you’ll turn your room into a sanctuary that supports your academic journey while providing a cozy and enjoyable place to relax and unwind. From bedding and wall art to functional organisation and DIY decor, each aspect contributes to making your university room truly your own. Embrace the creative process and enjoy transforming your room into a home away from home during your university experience.

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