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The 5 Best University Drinking Games

We all love a good night out at university, but the best bit is always the pre drinking in a friends flat before the main event. Here are 5 of the best University drinking games you NEED to play that will make for an unforgettable night out. 



5. Fuzzy Duck

“Fuzzy Duck” is a drinking game where players sit in a circle and say “fuzzy duck” to the person on their left in a clockwise direction. To reverse the play direction, they can say “does he” instead. If a player messes up, they take a drink, and play continues from the person who just spoke. If a player hesitates or makes a mistake they must drink. I’m telling you, this one might seem simple, but its not. You’ll be in laughing fits before you know it.

4. Boat Race

Boat Race is a high-energy and entertaining drinking game that will, for sure, act as a bonding moment for friends and acquaintances.
1.Formation: Divide the players into teams and have them line up in a row, sitting or standing.
2.Cups: Each player in a team should have a cup filled with the same amount of their chosen drink (often beer or any other alcoholic beverage).
3.Starting signal: One player, usually the host or a designated person, gives the starting signal to begin the game.
4.Chugging: As soon as the game starts, the first player from each team begins chugging their drink. They must finish it entirely before they can pass the empty cup to the next person in line.
5.Passing the cup: Once the first player finishes their drink, they pass the empty cup to the second player in line, who then starts drinking their own beverage.
6.Relay-style: The game continues in a relay-style format, with each player in the team chugging their drink and passing the cup to the next person as quickly as possible.
7.Winning the race: The first team to finish all their drinks and have the last player hold up their empty cup wins the Boat Race. The losing team must finish their drinks regardless.

3. Beer Pong

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Beer pong is an old school classic drinking game. Everyone knows it – if you don’t, get to know it!
The game involves two teams, each with ten cups arranged in a triangle formation at their end of a long table, filled with beer.
Players take turns throwing ping pong balls at the opponent’s cups, aiming to land the ball inside. When a ball successfully lands in a cup, the opposing team must drink the beer from that cup, and the cup is removed from the table.
Be careful, depending on house rules, players also have the option to bounce the ball into the cups – if attempted, the opposition are permitted to swipe the ball away mid bounce to stop the ball bouncing in the cup. 
Teams may also request a “re-rack” to rearrange the cups. The game continues until one team eliminates all the opponent’s cups.
It’s custom for the losing team to finish the remaining beer in their cups as a forfeit.

2. F You

The game “F**k You Pyramid” is an absolute must play drinking game. Fast paced, fun and chaotic, this game has it all . Before you know it, you be hurling insults at your close friends within seconds, but don’t worry, it’s all part of the game. 
The dealer deals 4 cards to each player and then places down 11 cards in the formation of a pyramid. On each new round the dealer will turn one of the cards face up. Players must match cards with the face-up card, yelling “F**k You {name of person}”.
If someone else has a matching card, they can also choose to nominate another player using the same call out, although it must be done within three seconds . The player with the most matching cards at the end has to drink.
The punishment is calculated by multiplying the number of cards placed on top of the face up card by the row in which the card lies. e.g 4 Kings in row 3. 4×3=12 sips of their drink. If there are no matches then all players must drink. 

1. Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire has to be the best drinking game out there. It’s perfect for big groups and will get everyone in the mood for a party. There’s plenty of drinking, laughing and exciting moments that will keep you entertained for those awkward pre drinks or even just with you’re good friends.
  1. Setup: Place a large cup or container in the center of the table. Spread a deck of cards face-down around the cup in a circle, forming the “Ring of Fire.”
  2. Players take turns: Players sit in a circle around the cards. Each player takes turns drawing one card from the circle, starting clockwise.
  3. Assigning rules: Each card drawn has a corresponding rule or action associated with it. Common rules include:
    • Ace: Waterfall – Everyone starts drinking, and no one can stop until the player to their right stops.
    • 2: You – Choose someone to take a drink.
    • 3: Me – The player who drew the card takes a drink.
    • 4:  – All the girls take a drink. 
    • 5: Thumbmaster – When you acquire the title of thumb master, you can place your thumb on the table. This will trigger all other players to follow. The last player to follow must drink. This is a sneaky but hilarious rule, so stay alert.  (once another player draws a 5, they become the new thumb master).
    • 6. – All the guys take a drink
    • 7: Heaven – Point to the sky; the last person to do so takes a drink.(similar to thumb master 
    • 8: Mate – Choose a drinking buddy; whenever you drink, they do too.
    • 9: Rhyme – Say a word, and players must go around the circle rhyming with it. The first person who can’t think of a rhyme takes a drink.
    • 10: Categories – Choose a category (e.g., types of fruit); players go around naming items in that category until someone can’t think of one and takes a drink.
    • Jack: Rule – Create a rule that applies for the rest of the game whenever a Jack is drawn (e.g., no pointing).
    • Queen: Can ask a question at anytime. If anyone answers they must drink. Remains until another Queen is drawn.
    • King’s Cup: The player who draws the fourth King must pour some of their drink into the central cup. The player who draws the final King must drink the entire contents of the King’s Cup.
  1. If a player breaks the circle of cards they must finish their drink.
  2. The game continues: Continue drawing cards and following the associated rules until all cards have been drawn, or the group decides to stop. 
Remember to play responsibly, and ensure that everyone is of legal drinking age and most importantly, have the best night ever!
Disclaimer: This list has been put together purely for academic reasons. We accept no responsibility for the decisions you make yourself.


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